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270_930I decided to write the following because, recently I was at my mom’s house as some family members were viewing Disney’s latest child, mind altering-programming tool of a movie, that is supposedly made for…

The Family“….


The strange thing is, that my family, who are Christian, sat through this movie with several young children, while earlier dismissing another family member for being too radical and overzealous in proclaiming the evil tactics used by the world system that produce abominations like Disney Studios does.

Such as this movie….big_hero_6_wallpaper_2_by_9029561-d899700


Walt Disney is an absolute tool of Satan that is used to condition our children!

For some reason that I’m not certain about, Satan (although ruler of this world currently), must still abide by some rules while running this planet and one of those is that he cannot just bring evil and wickedness upon mankind without fair warning. I don’t know how “FAIR” it really is, but you cannot be suckered into evil without full knowledge, or at the very least, given a look at it. Satan obeys and abides, but in his own clever way and that is why I believe as the scriptures goes that…”For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24)

Because we (yes, even professing Christians), have become so desensitized to evil, we barely see it anymore – we are no longer able to discern Good from Evil. Satan has displayed, promoted and hidden it all in plain sight, but we STILL don’t see it!

So what’s wrong with Disney’s…  BIG HERO 6?

Let’s find out!Big-Hero-6-Iphone-Wallpaper-big-hero-6-37674105-640-960

(Many thanks to The Vigilant Christian (Mario), who is responsible for review of the film)

ITEM: The movie promotes Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which have been frowned upon by such great scientific minds as Stephen Hawkings and Elon Musk (Chief executive of TELSA). These men don’t even acknowledge GOD, but warn that this kind of technology will overtake humans and destroy us because by doing this we are, “Summoning the Devil” (Elon Musk). If you think these men don’t know what they are talking about, check out a video called ‘JIBO‘ and tell me then you don’t see how “Artificial Intelligence” will one day enslave us. If you are one of the many who are asleep (affectionately known as “sheeple”), JIBO sounds like a great, convenient idea, but if you are one of the awake – unplugged from The Matrix – JIBO then, is a frickin’ scary monster with disaster written all over it! Like the movie shows, we are going to become emotionally connected to these robots who will run our lives (just watch how the robot dies towards the end of this movie and tell me you and your children didn’t almost cry). This is predictive programming for our children.

ITEM: The movie also ingrains into our children’s minds that, just like the nerdy characters in it, they too can become (evolve), into super-heroes via technological means as we all have been programmed to accept the super-hero agenda since childhood. We are arriving at the cusp of man and machine – of man and technological evolution, becoming one. Genetic Mutation may have been a sci-fi notion in the past, but it is very real today! Now, here’s why this is important – when the Antichrist comes with the ability to offer this “Next Step in Evolution” (or immortality, which will be offered), your little babies will already have been preprogrammed by movies like this, to readily desire and accept it! It’s all false, but your children will want it – thanks to crap movies and TV shows like this, that you thought were harmless.

ITEM: Remember the Johnny Depp movie ‘Transcendence’? Also, have you noticed how these kind of movies always seem to flood the market at the same time? Like Scarlett Johansson in ‘LUCY’? It’s not by accident or coincidence people, this is deliberate! Man merging with machines is not science fiction anymore! Ray Kurzweil (director of Google engineering), said… “The Singularity is Near”? He was telling us that we are at a time when man will indeed evolve with machines – we will merge with them. In essence telling us and our children, that we don’t need to die, that we can live forever if only we adopt this new technology. Now, where have I heard that line before stating that we, Surely Will Not Die?” Anybody care to take a guess?

The Antichrist will offer you and your children, a false immortality because he wants so badly to be like GOD. But we all know that everlasting life is offered by Jesus Christ only and not by cybernetics!

All this is pretty much the gist of this Disney movie wherein it tries to program your children that they will not need GOD because they can be super if they accept the gift of the Antichrist by merging with machines. It’s real people, it’s damn real! The gift? Well, just accept the Mark of the Beast and all shall be yours of course! It’s that simple! You will transcend and become like GOD!

ITEM: This is minor, but still important because it gets into your child’s mind and spirit. There is a scene in the movie where the robot (BAYMAX), runs low on power and appears to be drunk. It is so uncomfortable to the young boy (HIRO), that he attempts to hide Baymax from his mother. This scene makes it funny to our kids to be drunk, yet The Bible tells us that, “No Drunkard Will Inherit the Kingdom of GOD. But Disney and Satan are very clever and give us scenes like this in the most subliminal fashion, that once again, we are left laughing and accepting this instead of shunning it like Jesus would! So subtle like… like… oh yeah,.. LIKE A SNAKE!

Mickey-666ITEM: Another minor, but crucial scene, is when the brother creating the robot holds a chalkboard that displays the number “33“. If you don’t know or understand that, just go research “Disney and Club 33” to get the shocking revelation. Walt Disney was a Freemason and an Illuminati puppet. The number 33 means a great deal to these satanic tools like Jesus dying at that age and other esoteric meanings. Plus, the brother in question is actually wearing an “All Seeing Illuminati Eye” T-shirt in another scene! These people are scum!




ITEM: Finally, even the song that they play while these nerds are becoming cybernetic gods, is a trackbig_hero_6_immortals_wallpaper_by_silverangel30-d83ckah performed by Fall Out Boy called “IMMORTALS”.

Give Me A Break!


Satan and his angels sit idly by watching us doing this stupid stuff to our children and they laugh their demonic asses off saying –

“Look at ’em eating this garbage up! Look at ’em!!”