BEY-&-JAY-1a“The surprise release of Beyoncé’s eponymous album on Thursday sold more than 430,000 copies in a little more than a day, underscoring its chances at becoming the biggest debuting album by a female artist this year.

Beyoncé, a 14-track “visual” album available only on iTunes, is predicted to sell more than 600,000 copies before the end of the sales-tracking period on Tuesday, Billboard projects.

At 430,000 copies as of Saturday, Beyoncé is projected to be the biggest debuting album by a female artist since Taylor Swift’s Red, which sold 1.2 million copies in 2012.

In comparison, Katy Perry’s Prism sold 286,000 copies in an entire week of its debut in October, while Lady Gaga’s much anticipated ARTPOP moved 258,000 units. Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz sold 270,000 in its debut week.

If the 600,000 mark is met, Beyoncé will notch her best debut week and best sales-week period of her career.” [Billboard]

Throughout 2013, Beyoncé has been ranked as the 5th most top selling female artist in the music industry, but with her new self titled album which premiered exclusively on iTunes on Thursday December 12th (secretly and unannounced mind you!), and sold over 430,000 copies while you were all sleeping, could very well be the show stopping gimmick to catapult her to the top of the charts! She might very well be by year’s end, the top female artist of 2013 – the queen bee of the music scene!

She’s also the queen bee of something else – THE ILLUMINATI.

Yes, I know it’s difficult reading such negative comments about her because she is such a sweetheart. She is loved the world over by both male and female, young and old. She is respected not only by the industry itself consisting of many of her peers, but by fans around the world for her incredible success and achievements.

Yet her greatest achievement (in my opinion), has been while in the service of her masters – in the fine art of: The Seduction of the Innocent.

What young boy or man can look away from such beauty and sensuality? She is deliberately and cunningly presented that way as to make it extremely difficult to resist! Young girls are not immune either because they look up to her and want to be like her. They mimic her in every way from the clothes she wears to the makeup, moves and sexy, sultry attitude that makes the boys go wild.

Up until now she has been pretty conservative and coming across in a very likeable and acceptable manner (even I liked her and was drawn to her beauty!), but being ranked number five in the female artist charts may have begun to take its toll on her and she has now decided to borrow a page or two from Rihanna’s book of flesh for fantasy as this latest release reveals.

She is now raunchier, bolder and talking up a blue streak! Yikes, she aims to be the baddest bitch around!

She has succeeded.

In this blog or expose if you want to consider it that (because I sure do), I will concentrate on just one particular video that was the first released on YouTube – DRUNK IN LOVE .

Hence, the title of this blog.

I’m not even going to start up on Jay-Z, who happens to make a cameo appearance in this video. No need to – he is already known the world over as the lap dog of the Illuminati and so of course, it should go without saying, that his wife will follow suit. She has made quite a name for herself within the ranks of said secret society and with her husbands backing, she has become unstoppable! Jay-Z will be discussed in passing as it pertains to his contribution to this video.

So enough of my jibber-jabber and let’s just dig into the sinister portions of this video shall we?

When I first saw this video, I was immediately drawn to what I now call – The Obligatory Throwing Up Signs portion of it. Almost every Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop and Rap music video, feel the need to include this – and that’s because it’s mandatory in the music industry and the artists are obligated to perform them.


As you can see where I’ve circled in yellow, Beyoncé is throwing up what is more commonly known as “The Devil Horn Symbol” while Jay-Z is flipping “666 Hand Sign” (look at shadow on his shirt), which closely a-ok-sign-431resembles the A-OK hand gesture. a-ok6661

It’s not A-OK as I will demonstrate below.

As I watched the video, I became angry and disgusted, which prompted me to write a comment about it on YouTube. The comment was apparently not well received by a certain fan-girl as she felt the need to call me on it.

Here is how that discussion went down:



Wow so many fan boys and girls here! Many of you trying to defend Jay-Z’s and Beyoncé’s Illuminati affiliations while drooling over them. Please, stay out of the conversation and leave that topic to those of us who know of what we speak. Your dismissal of their Illuminati connections only shows your ignorance of it. Again, observe their hand signs at the 4:23 mark and you’ll know who they worship! They are satanic puppets and all of you are their puppets!


Wait, are you serious? Beyoncé is throwing up the sign for her hometown, Houston. That sign is known everywhere and Jay-Z says “you be reppin’ that Third”, which is referring to her representing Third Ward (a neighborhood in Houston where Beyoncé once lived). So, please, do some research before you start confusing hometown signs with Illuminati connections.


Let’s BOTH do some research. Those very same hand signs are thrown up by Aleister Crowley (father of modern day Satanism), The Beatles, Lady Ga Ga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Marilyn Manson, Kanye West, The Rolling Stones, AC DC, Led Zeppelin and many, MANY more! So, are you then saying that they are ALL honoring Jay’s and B’s hometown?! YOU get serious!!


L O L if you were born and raised in Houston, you would know that they’re strictly referring to H-Town. I never said Jay was from Houston… but okay!


Wow. Extremely lame response having nothing to do with what’s being discussed. I warned earlier about staying away from what you know nothing about, but you did not listen. Now your ignorance is on full display. Please do not engage others on what is foreign to you as to not waste their time or yours, ok? Thank you.

Now, to the uninformed, her argument would be a credible one because most of you would exclaim: “Of course Beyoncé and Jay-Z are making reference to Houston and the Third Ward where she grew up, what else could they mean?”

Ok, fair enough. Let’s do some research then as Rupal recommended.

First of all, this video is not the first time Beyoncé or Jay-Z have thrown up those signs – they’ve done it on several other videos, whether together or on their own. They’ve also done them in concerts and on thousands of photo ops and such. Have all those other times throughout the years and all over the world, also been about “H-Town” and “Reppin’ that Third”? How about these artists here:


Are they all paying tribute to Bey and Jay honoring Houston and “Reppin’ that Third” in their photo ops, concerts and videos too? Let’s say for the sake of argument that all those artists above are doing just that – honoring Beyoncé by throwing up those hand signs for her. End of argument and I look like a conspiracy theorists fool right?

Not so fast. Check out the photo here: 00TheBeatles-YellowSubmarine-Front

That is a promotional photo for The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ album which was released in January of 1969. The album, though, has been years in the making as it was recorded during May 1966 to October 1968 in London.

Why is that important? Because, Jay-Z and Beyoncé weren’t even alive yet. Jay-Z was born in December of 1969 and Beyoncé on September of 1981 in America. The Beatles had absolutely no idea who they were and could really care less about them so why would they be representing Houston and the Third Ward”? Well, the answer is – they weren’t.

But what were they “reppin'” then?

The Beatles, like many artists of the time and up to the present, were doing exactly what their Illuminati masters demanded of them – TO BE OBEDIENT PUPPETS!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are no different than all those before them – they are Illuminati puppets as well and will one day reap the fruits of their labor in the service of their masters. Will you join them? Before you answer, be aware that what they will reap is damnation in The Lake of Fire because that is the place prepared for their master – Lucifer/Satan!

In their defense, I hope you realize that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are not truly evil at heart and they probably mean no harm – they just want the power, fame and reward that comes from this kind of servitude. They also believe they are contributing to the advancement of a New World Order for the betterment of humankind through their music.

As I stated above, they are not the true evil here because they are merely puppets – the instruments being used for fulfilling the agenda of their masters. They are NOT Illuminati – they SERVE Illuminati!

Some of you may ask or say: “So what? Who cares what they do with their lives and what they believe! I’m not into any of that nor do I believe most of that rubbish anyway, I just like the artists. What’s the harm?”



If you knew someone at your job was stealing from the company, would you tell?

If you discovered your neighbor is beating his wife, would you call the authorities?

If your husband was molesting your children, would you try to stop him?

If you looked out your window and saw a young girl getting raped or some youth being beaten to death by gangs, would you call the police?

The Illuminati and those who serve them are doing everything I mentioned above which amounts to the total destruction of society and all your God given rights as human beings! Their purpose is to devour you and your children and make slaves of us all in their centuries long dream of,… A New World Order!

They accomplish this by way of their strategically placed puppets in our lives such as, artists in the entertainment industry influencing us and our children through their music with their subliminal messages, thereby getting us all accustomed and ready to accept what they want when it comes.


Evil Prevails When Good Men do Nothing

Edmund Burke was an Irish political philosopher, Whig politician and statesman who is often regarded as the father of modern conservatism. He is most famously noted for the popular saying, “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

I’ve said much here to show and prove why Beyoncé and Jay-Z should be shunned and avoided at all cost because they are promoting an evil agenda through their music and videos by filling them (and us!), with very well placed strategic subliminal images and messages. I’ll admit, it’s easy to stand on the sidelines and condemn, but what Beyoncé and Jay-Z need is our prayers.

Love the sinner, hate the sin as it has been said.

Pray for them.beyonce-jay-z-roc-sign

But stay away from their music, videos and concerts.

Thanks for reading. This is the end of part one. In part two I will go into detail as to why artists like Beyoncé do what they do – because they are currently DEMONICALLY POSSESSED!

It’s going to get rough from here on as I will call it as I see it and fight back against these evil doers by labeling them for what they are and the harm they cause us. So do not be faint of heart or shy away if my words become too intense for you. If I refer to artists like Beyoncé, Rihanna or Lady Gaga as whores, don’t be dismayed, but instead be of good cheer because I do so in a righteous manner such as the Bible would call the End Times Church, The Whore of Babylon in The Book of Revelation!

Stick around!


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